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• In order to prevent booking out too far, appointments are for 3-4 hours maximum per sitting. This allows us to tattoo more clients everyday and get you in sooner. Exceptions will be made for tattoos that must be done in longer sessions.

Multiple appointments can be booked at any time.

• All appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $80 or more.

• No day/time will be reserved until the deposit has been received and confirmed.

The deposit is applied to the cost of the tattoo.

• Deposits are valid for 4 months. For multi-session tattoos, if more than 4 months pass between appointments, a new deposit is required.

• Tattoo deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All deposits are forfeited when:

• No call/No show

• Less than 48 hours notice of reschedule, cancellation, or complete change of design

• Rescheduling more than twice in a row

• No contact within 4 months of reschedule


• No government or state issued ID at time of appointment

• No call/no shows and same day cancellations will also incur an additional $200 charge or full payment of tattoo if balance is less than $200.

We can only reschedule your appointment twice. After that, you will need a new deposit in order to keep your appointment. This may seem harsh, but getting a tattoo is a time-consuming process (especially for a larger tattoo). We want to make sure you are fully committed before we spend time researching and drawing for your tattoo.

We all have families and commitments outside of tattooing as well, and researching and drawing for tattoos takes away from that time.

Please eat within 2 hours of your appointment.

Please show up to your appointment on time and be clean/showered.


Cash or Credit Card

A 3% processing fee is added to all credit/debit card payments.

Shop Etiquette:

• NO PICTURES of artwork, books, or flash on the walls of the shop.

• No talking or FaceTiming on your phone.

Take it outside.

• We have to prioritize our shop’s space for our tattooers and their clients. So there is not always enough room to accommodate additional guests. If you bring a friend please understand that they might have to wait in our lobby or explore the neighborhood while you get tattooed.

• Please eat within 2 hours before your appointment. Low blood sugar can contribute to the possibility or risk of passing out.

• Please do not drink alcohol the day of your appointment, and limit alcohol consumption the day before your appointment.

We will not tattoo you if you are under the influence.

• Please wear appropriate clothing that allows easy access to the part of your body we will be tattooing.

• We cannot tattoo sunburned or sun-damaged skin.


We have a relaxing, welcoming vibe here at Small World Tattoo. All are welcome, but please be respectful of the shop and other customers. We all have different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and ideals, but inside the walls of our tattoo shop, we are all friends with a common interest: TATTOO.

See you soon!